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Life Can Throw You Off Balance!

Life was never meant to be a walk in the park. Matter of fact, you will probably find yourself a little off balance more often than not. As I recover from a knee surgery, I feel really off balance, and not just physically. When one of your natural stress relievers is taken away, it is hard to find your groove. But here I am, recovering, no running, but I will find a way.

On a positive note, we are out of school for the summer. This will help ease the stress of not being able to release some cortisol by running.

It reminds me of a sign that is down a road near my house. "Impassible during high water!"

When you look around at the area, you can quickly see that you might not be able to pass in a vehicle, but it is possible. You have to get creative and think outside of the box, but you can find a way to pass it. This is symbolic of trying to find a way when life throws you off balance.

That is the part of being gritty that leads someone to being unstoppable and unbreakable-they have the ability to get creative and find a solution as opposed to dwelling on the problem right in front of them.

How can we find a way when off balance in life?

  1. Step back and expand your perspective.

  2. Get creative or reach out to someone who is.

  3. Once you find a solution, block out the creepers. Those who creep into your mind and make you question things.

  4. Attack with pluck and purpose.

  5. If it doesn't work, start over at #1.

Truth is-it may not work out the first time, but gritty people do not quit. They continue working until they find a way to make their D.U.M.B. goals a reality because they are fulfilling a purpose that only they can fulfill.

Get gritty and get it done!

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