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Freedom in Grit

Today is Independence Day, not that you didn't know that already! For me, it marks a day of a different kind of independence. I spent a little time on the Streetstrider that I was able to borrow from a good friend. I have hit my 6-week mark post-surgery. This has been a bumpy road with lots of moments wondering if I will ever get back to normal. As I rode this elliptical bicycle, I couldn't help but think about the need for a never give up attitude. The knee was not really liking it, but I just kept saying "suck it up buttercup!" You see anything worth doing is going to cost us something. It may cause us brief pain, but that pain will turn into triumph in the end.

I have seen countless clients quit in the 4th week of a transformation plan. They started off great, but they didn't realize that it was going to cost something to keep it up and they weren't willing to fight through it. Those who have stayed the course, began seeing results in the 5th week of committed consistency. Isn't that a shame! To think they were at the cusp of seeing the fruit of their labor. I don't blame them completely. They just didn't have a strong enough mission. They didn't tackle the behaviors that triggered their inability to conquer the flesh.

In the same way, I have seen educators quit on their students because it was difficult to keep up the discipline of doing the everyday teacher work. Kids suffered for it, but I do not blame the teachers for not having the grit to stay the course. They just didn't have a strong enough mission. They didn't tackle the things that triggered them leading to mediocrity.

If you have found yourself stuck in the status quo because you aren't doing the on-purpose work needed to maintain a mission-minded perspective, then follow these few steps:

  1. Identify what about your part of the world do you want to make better. If you had nothing stopping you, what would you be on a mission to improve? Not too sure what your purpose is: seek God, search for what grips your heart or angers you enough to change it, and define how you would like to help others.

  2. Identify your top three triggers that take you off course.

  3. Write down specific actions that will help you, proactively, combat those triggers.

These are just a few of the steps that are covered in a Grit Xperience intensive. I would love to work with your group or organization to make a gritty impact on your part of the world.

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