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Calling all women who are ready to suit up! Get stronger and empower each other with The Grit Xperience. Discover a unique blend of fitness and empowerment that will push your limits and transform your life. Join our community of fierce women and unlock your true potential. Don't miss this opportunity to challenge yourself and achieve greatness. Take the first step towards a stronger, more confident you today!


About Billie

Billie is a highly accomplished and multi-talented woman, possessing impressive expertise in a variety of areas. She currently serves as a devoted principal, deeply invested in education and the growth of her students. She firmly believes that building grit in students, and those who serve students, will make the biggest impact for their future. As a fitness and nutrition coach, Billie is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and accountability, to ensure that her clients increase their grit capacity for ultimate success in life.  As a Christian counselor, she is compassionate, patient, and insightful, committed to helping her clients overcome challenges and reach their full potential. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Billie is a devoted wife and mother of three, cherishing time spent with her family and striving to provide her children with a happy, fulfilling upbringing.


Billie's extensive portfolio of skills and achievements is a testament to her passion for learning and making a positive impact on the world. Her warm, welcoming demeanor and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a beloved figure in both her personal and professional spheres, and a true inspiration to all those around her.

With the many hats that she wears, Billie has worked endlessly to establish herself as a Grit Coach. She is on a mission to empower others to bounce back stronger and smarter in the midst of challenges, so they can become unstoppable and unbreakable.

-Billie Bruchhaus

Grit Intensives

Warrior Champions: Harnessing grit to create unstoppable students. 

The landscape of education is ever changing.  Now is the time to empower educators to believe that they can increase their grit capacity to be a warrior for the beautiful minds that sit in their classrooms. Warrior Champions is a highly interactive intensive designed to train educators warrior style. Sessions include:

  • Understanding Grit: Definition and Characteristics

  • The Science of Grit: Psychological and Biological Factors

  • Setting D.U.M.B Goals and SMART Action 

  • Practicing Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

  • Building Resilience: Coping Mechanisms to Overcome Adversity

  • Growth Mindset and Grit: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Navigating Difficult Emotions: Building Emotional Intelligence & Grit

  • Social Support and Building Strong Relationships

  • Finding Purpose and Meaning to Fuel Grit

  • Optimizing Resourcefulness and Creativity with Grit.

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The Grit Xperience for Women

The Grit Xperience for Women is a highly interactive transformational intensive designed to empower women to develop grit to bounce back stronger and smarter in the midst of challenges. During this intensive, participants will learn how to connect mind, body, and soul to increase their grit capacity. Bring The Grit Xperience to your church, women's group, or women's retreat.

Sessions include:

  • Better Brain, Better Body

  • Fabulously Fit for Life

  • Finding Purpose 

  • Feeling Valued, Validated, and Victorious

  • Living Free from Guilt and Regret

  • Connecting all back to scripture

Women Running

6 Day Group Intensive working towards building your Champion Warrior Plan.

  • Set DUMB goals- How do I set goals that take me from staying safe to champion level?

  • Form SMART action steps-How do I keep proper perspective to be a champion?

  • Tips on Brain and Behavior to build Grit Capacity

  • Importance of nutrition in building Grit Capacity

  • Champion level emotional intelligence 

Need more than 6 days to develop a full Champion Warrior Plan?

Join my 4 month intensive. Email me for personal connection at


Keynote Message:  Harness Grit, Become Unstoppable!

In the transformative world of grit-building, I am your guide, mentor, and laughter-infused strategist. Armed with a blend of hard-earned wisdom from life's relentless knocks and formal education, I specialize in shaping resilient minds. Through practical strategies, I empower individuals to triumph over adversity, converting challenges into stepping stones for success. My unique approach combines real-world experiences with academic insights, creating a dynamic learning journey that captivates and inspires. Together, we navigate the maze of life, unraveling the secrets to unwavering perseverance and genuine triumph. Let's turn setbacks into setups for greatness, one hearty laugh and practical lesson at a time!

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Kent Reed

I like and respect you for the hard work and dedication you show everyday. You motivate others to work to their capacities. 

Jade Welch

I admire your determination and grit. You are able to use this trait to lift up others daily.

Jennifer Doucet

I admire your ability to do "hard things"! Your tenacity always amazes me. 
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